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Sketch - Twilight Sparkle by ChaosAngelDesu Sketch - Twilight Sparkle by ChaosAngelDesu
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Vinylicious-Pon-3 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, nice!!!
cajobif Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Spike: Uh, Twi-
Twilight: Not now, Spike! I'm the middle of a very delicate experiment.
S: Yeah, about that....
T: Spike! I must concentrate. Please keep quiet.
S: Uh, are you sure it will work?
T: ....
S: Twilight?
T: ....
S: Okay, then. I'm putting these over there.
He put a plate with doughnuts on a desk nearby.
S: I'll be cleaning room 145. Bye!
T: ....
S: Jeez. Take minute and take a bite, would ya?
Twilight remained fixed on her spell, while the dragon left the room. Until the delicious perfumed of vanilla spread came to her nostrils.
T: Hmmm. Oh no! I must remain concentrated.
The sweet smell of chocolate and sprinkles took his toll.
T: Must... remain... concentrated.
Followed by the strawberry filling and the floating powdered sugar.
T: MUST.... REMAIN....
The apple turned a darker red.
T: Phew! That should do.
She swiped her forehead with a forehoof. She then  heard the familiar voice of her farmer friend coming from the other room.
Applejack: Hey, Spike! Do you know where's Twilight?
S: She is in her study. She's busy working on that request you asked her for.
AJ: Oh. So, I better not bother her, then.
Twilight shouted in their direction.
T: Applejack! You can come in! I'm done.
AJ: Okay! I'm coming, sugarcube.
Applejack trotted in, saluting her friend with a gesture of her hat.
AJ: Howdy, Twilight.
T: Hello Applejack.
AJ: So, did you make it?
T: Yes. But somepony must taste it before coming to a conclusion.
AJ: Want me to?
T: Uh... I thought of Pinkie Pie, since, you know, she has a stronger stomach and...
AJ: Sorry Twilight, but I heard she left for the day. She was planning for a party outside Ponyville.
T: Oh no.
AJ: Don't worry, sugarcube. I'll be the... how you call somepony who...
T: Guinea pig?
AJ: Ah don't know what it is, but it must very tough to take so many abuse. And ah'm a tough pony. So, don't worry.
T: Applejack! It is not about be tough it is...
The orange pony took it in her hooves.
AJ: Too late for that.
T: Ah!!!
And she took a big bite, her moves followed by a concern purple mare. She chew, nonchalantly.
T: So... how does it taste?
Master note taker at work, the purple princess had quill and scroll floating with her magic.
T: Does it taste good? Sweeter?
Applejack grimaced.
T: It tastes bad isn't?
AJ: No. It doesn't. Ah... just don't know...
T: What do you mean?
AJ: It tastes like... vanilla, chocolate and...
She took another bite, playing with the food in her mouth.
AJ: .... strawberry?
At this moment, Twilight looked at the plate Spike put on the desk and realized that she described the exact flavors of the three doughnuts she smelled earlier.
T: Uh-huh.
AJ: It's not a bad taste, but... I just wanted them a bit sweeter and...
T: How about cherry?
AJ: About what?
T: Do you think that cherry-flavored apples would sell well? Or... blueberry... or.... get this! Custard-flavored apples!
AJ: Uh... no.
T: What? Why not?
AJ: Ah love how apples taste. It took a lot time and effort to make them taste at their peak.
T: Then, why you asked me to alter their sugar content then?
AJ: Uh... Hey! Why not something salty? A apple with sweet and salty flavor. Now, that could sell... Ah think.
T: Like what?
AJ: What about.... cheesy? Is it possible?
Twilight stared at her friend with a deadpan face.
T: I need a break. I'll be in my room eating doughnuts.
AJ: Huh? What did ah said?
Spike just got in the room.
S: I don't know. But if you come up with gems encrusted apples...
AJ: For the last time Spike, not in a lifetime!

Lovely work
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NicolasDominique Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Professional Artist
That's really lovely Twi :)
ChaosAngelDesu Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^^
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